Ekart office, Patiala, Punjab

Lower Mall Road, Bharpur Garden Colony, Patiala, Punjab, India. Telephone, Map, eKart consignment delivery tracking.

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Ekart office, Patiala, Punjab
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Lower Mall Road, Bharpur Garden Colony, Patiala, Punjab, India
Open Hour
Telephone +91 1800 11 1345
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Gurpreet Singh - 2022-10-19

I order on 4 oct but now it's 19 oct i not know where is my product while I was went to ekart office i hear delivery boy forgot my product at home vry poor service 🖕🖕🖕🍌🍌🍌

Nirmal Verma - 2022-10-19

I had a very poor experience with them. I ordered a new mobile with exchange of my old phone. First day, delivery guy tested my old phone using Yaantra diagnostic app and said that the actual value of your old phone is less than showing on flipkart and you've to pay the rest of the money. Later on he refused to take old phone and said "You have to pay full amount and we don't accept defective piece" and he was trying to find unnecessary defects. As per the store manager, flipkart shows chart of old mobile price with respect to defects and price keeps on decreasing when defects increses and he said in reality this does not happen and we don't accept defective piece. So overall not a good experience. I feel these people are not properly trained on how to exchange the mobile phones and fear to take old mobile phones having some problems. Now It's obvious that old phone might have some problems but this does not means that you refused to accept old phone. Although they quote least price but still refused to take the old phone on that price also.

Tree Rock - 2022-11-10

They don't deserve any star, they are the worst in delivery... Their behavior with customer is so bad and they never do delivery on time, If your delivery is coming from ekart then always expect that it will take at least 4-5 extra days and when you call them for the delivery then they will say we will not able to deliver, you have to come to office to take your package. I have the worst experience with them. And because of them will never order anything from flipkart.

Dr Doordarshi Singh - 2022-10-12

Good service. My courier was delayed during heavy rush due to Rakhi season, but they handled the situation wisely and delivered my courier on time.

Ram Rattan Manocha - 2022-07-28

I received all my parcels on time but there was a hustle bustle....Otherwise all the staff i faced was co-operative and well mannered

Himanshu - 2022-11-03

They have cancelled my 6 orders and everytime the reason is same(shipment damaged). They are bunch of losers who don't have money to buy MILK.

Arashpreet Singh - 2023-01-09

Helpful staff, very respectful way of talking

Rupinder Singh - 2022-08-09

Store Manager's dealing with customers is very bad. First they asked to collect courier from Store. First day he asked we can't exchange mobile without box and charger, we are facing some code scanner issue. Next day he refused to collect the mobile, he said multiple defects in Mobile which was given for exchange. Without any appropriate reason/ knowledge of mobile hardware he refused and ask me we are just courier partner, go to Flipkart to resolve the problem. If Flipkart resolve my issue then way he was refused to collect the mobile.

Maya Devi - 2022-10-15

Maha fudu service

Jaskaran Singh Sidhu - 2022-09-15

Zero star poor service if you go to ekart office to collect your products after failed delivery they will tell you that you cannot take your product from here , their delivery boy will come next day . Again and again same procedure repeat. I was frustrated.

Raghav Goel - 2022-11-10

They have very rude behavior and the worst delivery service... The delivery person will always ask you to take the order from the delivery office and there is a lot of delay within the delivery of the orders also

Monu Goyal - 2022-08-09

Always delayed delivery of order. Incorrect tracking. Items missing.

Raudradaman Thakur - 2022-05-25

Sab to bakwas service hai.

Poonam Verma - 2022-05-16

Supportive executives and TL. Delivery persons are hardworking and polite. Overall, satisfactory service from the hub.

Sudhir Verma - 2022-04-15

The store manager overthere is not cooperative. When you place an order to sell your old phone on Flipkart, there executives finds false mistakes in your handset, moreover, when you visit the ekart office to seek help from store manager regarding your old phone replacment. The store manager finds out unnecessary errors/defects in your phone, which is already in the Mint condition.

M D - 2022-06-08

The worst courier service so far. My products were two times sent by this pathetic courier by seller, but somehow they do not deliver , updating status by their own.

Garry Sidhu - 2022-02-24

Very bad and super slow service. No timely updates. No email to contact customer service and no proper contact number.

Navin Bhalla - 2022-08-13

Pretty bad staff and worse service.It should be minus100 stars.

Amandeep Dhillon - 2023-01-03

Very bad experience

ਅਕਾਲ Tv - 2022-09-01

Good courier service

Adv Parvinder Singh - 2022-11-10

Rude behaviour of workers

Jsjaggi Sidhu - 2021-10-13

Ten days my order and no delivery 1st date 12 massage 2nd date 16 But no phone calls I am 2 round in delivery office

Dinesh Garg - 2022-09-28


Jameel Khan - 2021-10-11

10 days my package stuck here still no delivery from this hub bad service 👎🏼

Agri Machines - 2022-08-06

Very bad service

Sanjay Yadav - 2022-10-01


Taranbir Singh - 2022-09-16

Worst service

Simran Singh - 2022-10-09

Delivery hub

Tarun Singh - 2021-07-29

Not bad actually this is a office of flipkart delivery office

Harpreet Singh - 2021-10-25

My order 15day delay v bad service

Karanveer Singh - 2021-10-30

Worst delivery service not receiving orders

Rakesh Das - 2021-11-04


Rajesh Ranjan - 2021-10-28


Arsh Cheema - 2022-01-18


Harsimran Kaur - 2021-10-29

Fraud people

Vikas Kaushik - 2021-08-20

Bad services

Navjot Singh - 2021-02-26

Not bad

Guglu - 2021-06-18


Mridul Verma - 2020-12-29


Khangura Saab - 2021-07-07


Anurag Chaurasia - 2021-12-30


Akash Deep - 2022-06-22


Ayush Saini - 2022-07-30


Tarun Sharma - 2022-05-16


Groot - 2022-04-30


Rajesh Kumar - 2020-08-13


Bikramjit Sharma - 2022-11-13


Sanyam Mittal - 2021-08-13


Kuljot Singh - 2021-10-29


Jasvinder Kaur - 2021-11-01