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Delhivery Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Saki Naka, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Open Hour
Telephone 1800 103 6354
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Adhya Bhatt - 2023-04-30

Worst delivery service ever. I wish i could give some minus starts to this people. There customer support is zero. Even the cofounders are useless when you tag them to linkedin with your query they will block you. Even if there praisal page, people have jusy logged complaints. They should shut there company soon. Else people will go and throw stones in some time. Useless company.

Deepak Vishwakarma - 2023-05-04

There is a lot of service.Apna man se cancel karte hai order.

Prasamita Mishra - 2023-04-07

Absolutely terrible service. They don't give any intimation about the delivery, neither do they provide delivery executive contact details. Their security OTP system prevents you from receiving parcels if you arent able to take their calls. I have trouble securing my parcels many times due to this

Shamika Singh (shamika Dabholkar) - 2023-02-13

Pathetic service, the executives are not trained. They cancel the pick by giving fake reasons. They bring scooty for pick up and then say they can't carry heavy box, and promise to send tempo which never comes. Customer care number is automated.....useless. no customer support email. No grievance officer

Sindhudurg Masala Mfg. Co. Chhagan Gada. - 2023-02-21

Very bad experience, I had booked 500kg goods for rajamundry, Andra Pradesh, At time of booking charges said by booking person (Subhash) was 4500. When material reached to destination,. They forcefully charged 6175 , This type of cheating they are doing.

Rohan Khandelwal - 2023-05-05

Really bad & pathetic experience. They don’t deliver material on time!!

Shrey Vaidya - 2023-02-26

Worst delivery app, Parcel is not delivered since more than a month. No Customer Support, no response!

Monish Sayyed - 2022-07-15

Sale choor hai inke delivery boy

Tei Chhangte - 2023-01-21

My parcel was exchanged with someone else parcel Its been 3 weeks now I haven’t recieved my parcel yet Called customer care and told me you have to pay 2 rupees and the next day they told me again you have to pay 5 rupees and i paid again and the next day they debited 1000 rupees from my account without my permission There is no point of using delhivery courier Worst service ever Its their mistake that they interchanged my parcel They cannot even fix it I recommend everyone not to use this courier

Hamid Ansari - 2022-10-12

Maha ghatiya Courier service hai iski sirf logo ka saman managa ke rakh ne ki adat hai chor ho kya be

Gilchrist.trevor Gonsalves - 2023-03-10

Service is very very pathetic and very irresponsible workers and drivers working there delivery is not on time no assurance of delivery also the deliveries are being delayed even after several escalations and they are supposed to deliver it on priority and show no priority at all Ikea had raised my case to you and you are so irresponsible with your delivery flop service

Saroja Sanas - 2022-12-09

very bad service they dont give the contact number how will we trace our parcel. They dont even give receipt of payment

Yolanda Alphonso - 2022-08-10

Alas, negative marking is not possible !! They don't give out a number for customer support. Sheer stupidity on the company's part! Response time is very slow. No receipt of customer complaint or support acknowledgment on sms as well. I still have no idea as to why I'm companies are contracting them for their services!!!

Dr. Ashveeta -children's Dentist (dr. Ashveeta Shetty) - 2022-11-05

Good service but No contact number is provided so it’s difficult to contact them in case any urgent parcel needs to be picked up from the hub

Abbas Meherali - 2022-10-16

Horrible. Pathetic delivery times. No customer service numbers which means you can never speak to anyone ti inquire about your consignment. Just be at their mercy and keep waiting

Manish Padwal - 2022-10-17

No number available which is given on website for tracking courier

Sunil Kumar - 2022-12-27

This is an absolute scam. Never ever use their service. They just send you a message that your package is missing. No number available, no customer service. Really don't know what to do about thism

Ratish Bandekar - 2022-12-12

Delivery courier pickup tracking no. Details are not available after one month. We cannot track the missing parcel. This is the worst service I have ever seen.

Afreen Memon - 2022-06-14

WORST DELIVERY COMPANY EVER!! There's a guy name 'TALHA' he is such a LIAR, he did not came for my pickup order and cancelled it by mentioning that I've submitted false information about the complaint. When i tried to contact him about my pickup, he just BLOCKED my phone number. Huge action should be taken against such guys so that they cannot fool others in future. And plus there's no contact number available of your company, WHY?! Because you guys are fraud!!! You don't even deserve a single star!

Vrushali Kulkarni - 2022-07-18

This company is FRAUD! Pathetic service. A shipment within Mumbai is not delivered after 5 days and now when cancelled the order, it is taking another 3 days to return. I want to sue this company. Important document is stuck forever. I want my documents back NOW!!

Kiran Ranveria - 2022-07-22

VERY POOR SERVICE 1 urg document despatched from bank on 15th July still I have not received at home all tracking record shows wrong very disappointment.

Naved Rizvi - 2022-08-29

Never ever send anything from Delhivery, its the most unreliable and fraudulent service. They don't even have customer care number. Their delivery agents are cheaters

Ajay Kumar - 2022-08-12

(Translate by Google) delivery Courier service.96.92.154504 (Original) Delhivery Courier Helpline Contact Now 24×7.•

Ritwick Ak - 2022-10-09

Worst Courier "Service", Ever, Anywhere . #Facts

Sri Balaji - 2022-06-16

Very bad service staff talk very rudely with clients and delivery people block the client number also after giving the bilty that delivery person ran away without saying anything and afterwards they are saying your parcel has been misplaced very bad courier service plz request u courier service is very bad see some other courier service because they don't received the calls and all

Abhishek Shirkarr - 2022-07-30

Worst delivery partner ever experienced no one to receive call they deliver prepaid package to some one else without any verification

Vikram Singh - 2022-08-10

the given number is not of the company but a fraudster he will tell u for express delivery u need to pay 5rs and then will ask u to download teamviewer that will help him record your screen data, beware and report it

Ali Akbani - 2022-11-10


Ameet Mehta - 2022-06-01

It’s so one to enquire. App do not get updated at all. Every day it shows it will deliver but the package never arrives. Mailed them so many times but do not get one single response. My package contains corporate gifting items which I had to deliver it on time but all thanx to this useless good for nothing company I will be losing my order. These people are cheats and no professionalism at all

Shaikh Husaid - 2022-09-13

I think if the parcel was much urgent then you should vist the warehouse either its waste of time

Amit Choudhary - 2022-07-23

10 days to deliver a product which is getting shipped in 2 days by other courier agent.

John Gonsalves - 2022-06-13

Worst Delivery service every. Like mad you have to chase up with them all the delivery people want you to address near to their HUB or they will put fake comment no available or door close something like that. They are the cheapest courier aggregator they come up the cheapest so by default, they are selected to deliver. I had 5 bookings believe me none came easy days and days calls after calls had to be done to get it out of which one was damaged by the staff.

Sandeep Kumar - 2022-07-24

Very good pordeta

Vasim Shaikh - 2022-04-27

mostly delayed delivery with no response and answer for being late

Ata Husain Khan - 2022-06-15

Very bad service not providing delivery agents number

Sonali Bairagi - 2022-11-09

Not Good Service

Vipul Mistry - 2022-05-02

Very bad service from Delivery courier, do not use their courier services.

Hane K - 2020-06-09

World would be lot more productive if they close this branch. Order from across seas will be delivered faster than these cheat who are are less than 2 km from my home. On top of that, we are not privileged enough to have their contact number to speak to them directly.

Peeyush Haridwar - 2021-06-14

1. They have no contact number. 2. No coordination amongst them and amazon. 3. Keep on delaying the delivery. 4. They keep on giving new delivery dates and not sticking to one date. 5. Lot of confusion is created by delivery man.

183, Ritobrata Das - 2022-04-29

Worst company for partnering, they just give new delivery dates, not a single customer care no. Raising queries and still showing no pending queries, godknow what they do with all the customers order, cause delivering ain't that happening.

Sagar Dey - 2023-05-22

Product delivery

Lalit Tripathi - 2021-06-15

Very bad and pathetic courier company took my shipment kept it on hold in bhiwandi for 7 days and then returned it back stating they had not received payment even after sharing the transaction details now they have returned me the shipment and not giving me any refund for it. Utterly disgraceful and morons

Roshan Mahli - 2022-07-25

Very good

Brokenribs Chocolate Heaven - 2021-02-16

Pathetic staff. Satish the manager at this place is the worst man because he won't manage your worthy shipments properly They will always damage shipment They won't pickup calls and won't even reply to emails.

System Cyber - 2020-08-26

some plaese write the customer care number of delhivaery office safed pool sakinaka

Nilesh Musale - 2022-04-06

Not good experience

Salmann Shaikh - 2020-08-04

Wish i could rate it in minus... They dont even have any phone number to get in touch of any branch... As if they are running some illegal business... Delivery boys are rude, never on time... Can't even assist me to the HUB so that i myself can pickup the parcel... PATHETIC.

Deepa Jha - 2020-06-12

Worst service...Get sms everyday since 3 days that the parcel is out for delivery but no delivery since then...Also no phone number mentioned to contact. Customer care number when called there is no ring....Worst delivery company

Yogesh Main - 2022-03-24

Worst service providers.

Mustak Ladaf - 2021-07-07

Best courier and logistics company