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Track your consignment & parcel with an online Gati KWE Courier Tracking. Enter your tracking number (AWB or Waybill) of Gati KWE to check consignment shipment status.

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Enter your Tracking Number (AWB consignment or reference number)

ex. 265177762

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Shyamvir - 4/15/2024 10:46:39


Manjeet Singh - 2/10/2024 0:36:34

Very poor

Kavya Interiors - 10/26/2023 12:12:48

Result Not Found

Swapan Modak - 9/9/2023 14:25:53

No suggestion.

Gaurav Shekhar - 8/28/2023 4:08:47

Bad tracking facilities

TCD Mohan - 7/30/2023 15:32:09

I would like to bring to your notice that the GATI service is very poor despite being your regular customer (10+ Years in Business with GATI contributing to above two Lakh Rupee revenue from my side). I frequently receive consignments from BPT (Barpata) to MAAS (Chennai South). The issue is with the Chennai South Delivery Center (Pallavaram). They are delaying my consignment to be delivered at my Delivery address (Door Delivery). Always the Pallavaram Distribution center is giving silly reasons like man power shortage, driver unavailability, etc. I need to visit the Pallavaram center two or three times for each consignment to make a door delivery, provided I am forced to pay Rs 500 to the driver for each delivery. I am not able to approach the Pallavaram Manager to record my concerns and grievances. The Delivery persons also do not deliver the goods during weekdays and delivery happens only on Sunday (that too after many follow ups). They are also not offloading the consignment at my door (approx less than 50 feet from the gate) with taking money from Me (Rs 500 for offloading). The delivery section person is forcing me to adopt for godown delivery rather door delivery. I had also approached the call center and raised concerns. The delivery does not happens on the given delivery date. Kindly do the needful and help in the smooth delivery of my consignment.

Bapi Maity - 7/10/2023 0:48:08

This transport not serious to deliver.

Pratibha - 6/21/2023 8:06:37

Luggage still in transit when it was supposed to reach in 20 th

Pratibha lunker - 6/21/2023 7:19:25

My luggage was supposed to reach on 20 th June 2023. And it’s delayed It’s still in transit. Have a wedding functions fron21st and all my husband and my clothes are with you

Kaushik - 6/16/2023 14:38:52


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How to know where is the Gati KWE tracking number?

The Gati KWE courier tracking number will found on your receipt and is made up of 9 digits (ex. 265177762), that is all you need to track your shipment delivery status of the Gati KWE consignment.

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How can I check my consignment delivery status with Gati KWE tracking number?

You can check the Gati KWE consignment & parcel on online website which will provide you with the latest courier delivery information about the status of your shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I track my Gati KWE consignment by the recipient's name?

    Unable to track the Gati KWE consignment from the recipient's name. If the sender forgot the tracking number or AWB or Waybill, please contact Gati KWE to verify the shipment information.

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